Just rambling

Ok, just so this site doesn’t go rogue and get forgotten in the mega folds of the internet, here is a post just for the heck of it.  I have survived thus far, amid all sorts of challenges upto and including entering 2018 as it sits as I type this useless post.  It does suck that this free website does not have all the options I have on http://walknroll.info.  I began advising on another website, setup here on the Free WordPress Server.  My Girlfriend is the Blog Writer but don’t tell anyone.  She has a reputation to protect!  Anyway if they take the advice I gave them as I accepted the position of Blog Manager for the Society, I can perform updates and set security against hackers and do everything the expensive paid services at WordPress.com do, perhaps slightly less.  The most expensive package includes SEO Tools, which is an expensive but very useful addition to easily help a website or blog succeed.  The free again is so restricted but impresses newbies with limited results and little positivity

.Season's Greetings- 2018 on it's way as I type


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