Windows 7 warning!

Are you running windows 7 still?  You do realize I hope that it is no longer being updated by Microsoft, there is no protection available for you.  What?  You don’t care? You’re not online?   Hmmmm.  Your communication with your contacts (passing them a disk with software or documents from your computer is risky you know) is putting them at risk for their own infections.  Have you checked to see if it can be at least upgraded to Version 8 if not 10 ready?  That information is found on the Microsoft website.  if you find you can not update past V7, find your closest encorp location to safely recycle that “paperweight”.

Updates are so important.  Windows has a security feature against unregistered software, it cannot be updated making it a target for very destructive malware which attack software holes.  Microsoft puts some of it out themselves to protect their investments.  Microsoft also provides free malware protection to their registered users.   That’s how developers of software and hardware get rich, planned obsolescence is the way of electronics!  Windows 10 came out, effectively killing systems that could not upgrade software past Version 7.  This warning in the share says Microsoft took this info from the website but pretty much all I said above is behind that link.