How do you change a province?


I bet you know what Cannabis is.  There is a good chance that you know as much or more than I do about it.   I bet you have an opinion.  Wouldn’t you know it, someone can use that wisdom of yours.  Read on, I’ll put you in touch with them.  I’ve already had a face to face with them.  By August of 2018, recreational  use of Cannabis will occur legally in Canada.  This was announced more than a year ago and provinces were left to handle the process of distribution to consumers.    In typical political processes, they ran around like chickens in BC till almost the end (*now*) to do something about it.  They finally formed the BC Cannabis regulation Engagement Committee and confused the Poop out of them as they got bombarded with citizen concerns like Consumers who rent in apartments

Canada will change, RCMP will be even more confused as will most of the citizens and community leaders.  Meh.  Anyone remember what happened in Gastown, Vancouver in 1971? They called it the “Gastown Riot” as then Mayor Tom Campbell had a mad on for Hippies and attacked them violently with civic law enforcement using the refer they consumed as a reason that many accepted, as Refer Madness ruled the day!  I’m sure we’ll move past that and all the wasted federal police time even today busting Cannabis distribution places, aka Cannabis Dispensaries and charging staff all over the nation.  Some of those places brag they have operated better than a quarter century, some even are cornerstones of their neighborhoods, attracting customers to neighboring commerce and other businesses around the Cannabis storefront.

The Request:

These are the guys I mentioned above…  Have your say in the matter! You will be affected in other provinces as well and apparently in the USA too but alas, this is only directed towards those of us who live here in BC!  Onward to freedom, be the change here on the west coast!  The BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement Committee wants to hear from you, as a stakeholder in our shared future!

(won’t cost you anything but time)

BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement
BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement

We want to hear your thoughts on the regulation of non-medical cannabis in B.C.


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